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How many times have you lost important information? Maybe a virus, maybe a mistaken move, maybe a hardware failure or whatever reason, and we could keep on going mentioning a lot of reasons why you could lose important information. There’s a solution well known for everybody: create backup of the information. But, why is that almost nobody bothers?! I mean, we are talking about important information. Nobody wants to lose it and yet nobody creates backup copies. The answer is simple: creating systematic backup copies is time consuming, boring and it takes that you remember it. Well, PC Backup gives solutions to those problems. Let’s know about this tool.
PC Backup from Mingo Software is a very complete and easy-to-use suite for backup creation and restoration with a lot of “bonus” tools that make it a professional software. The key benefits of selecting this application can be listed shortly:
• Comprehensive system backup and disaster recovery software, so if something happen you can always go back to the previous good status.
• Backup to any kind of media (including Hard Drive, CD, DVD, USB, and more). It’s a good idea to create copies on external drives to prevent the lost of information in case of robbery of PC or hardware failure.
• Built in scheduler makes setting up automatic backups quick and easy, so you don’t have to remember to create backups, on of the most important things.
• Wizards provide simple instructions to backup an entire system or just a few files. These wizards make everything easier, a good reason to get backup copies done.
• Backup whatever you want: entire system, selected files or folders, or just "new and changed" files, so you can get smaller copy files.
• Spans backups across multiple pieces of media and use compression to consume less backup media. Pretty important feature since nowadays information is stored in massive quantities.
• Powerful Disaster Recovery enables the recovery of applications and operating system in the event of hard drive failure.
About system requirements is not much that you need to run this application. Let’s take a look:
• Microsoft® Windows Vista™, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Operating System
• Intel® Pentium® (or equivalent) 350MHz processor
• 256 MB of RAM
• 500MB of Available Disk Space
• CD/DVD ROM drive
• Internet connection required for product activation and updates
At last but no least, you may be wondering how much does it cost? This amazing and very complete tool cost only 60 dollars. No that much if you thing how much cost you to lose important information.

Juan Morán
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  • Scheduling available
  • Incremental copies available
  • Security tools embedded


  • No freeware available
  • Only English support
  • Not fully functioning on W Vista
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